HOPE, The Akwa-Ibom Baby Left To Starve & Die For Being A ‘Witch’…


Hope was faced with starvation and rejection at an early age, when he was supposed to be enjoying his youth and playing from dawn to night.

This little child was expelled from society by his parents and family members, who thought he was a witch and tried everything they could to get rid of him.

Let’s take a flashback to February 2016 when a little boy was discovered wandering around the street of Uyo in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria with his stomach riddled with worms. The little boy walked around the street picking dirt and eating them as he has no other food to eat.

Weeks after the video of the young boy went viral, a Danish social Aid Worker Anja Ringgren Loven took interest in the matter and decided to deal directly with the situation. Ringgren swung into action along with her Nigerian partner, Udom.

The first week Hope arrived at the Land of Hope Orphanage Home in Uyo, no one believed that he would survive because of the severity of his case. According to Anja Ringgren, Hope was riddled with worms in his stomach and he had other severe health complications.

After Hope was treated, Anja Ringgren adopted him and continued to care for him and 76 other children who were labeled witches by their parents who could not afford to take care of their financial needs.

Recently, Hope celebrated Nigerian Independence alongside other children in the Land of Hope Orphanage Home. He was also pictured preparing meals in the kitchen alongside other children in the house.

Although the story of Hope turned out positive because of a good Samaritan who volunteered to see him succeed, there are however some other children who are also suffering the same fate today but have no one to help them. These children end up being tortured or killed because of wrong superstitious beliefs.


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