Photos Of 3 Nigerian Ladies Who Have Transformed After Gaining Public Attention…


Helping the needy is one of the things God appreciates from us. Some Nigerians have experienced changes in their lives after gaining public attention.
However, let us see some young ladies who have transformed after gaining public attention.

#1. Olajumoke Orisaguna (Model)

Olajumoke was a bread seller who trended on various social media sites a few years back. She gained public attention when she unintentionally walked into a photoshoot session of a British rapper, Tinie Tempah. Her impressive pose during the photoshoot made the photographer, Ty Bello to search for her around the streets of Lagos. When the beautiful lady was found, she was trained and she appeared on the cover of an American magazine known as the Above magazine and became a full-time model. Her success story was shared on various media sites including BBC and CNN. The beautiful model is currently married with kids.

#2. Salle (Singer)

A young Nigerian girl who is reported to be 17 years of age has gained transformation after videos of her singing with her unique voice surfaced online.
Salle is known to hawk around the streets of Owerri to earn a living but today, her life has transformed as she was spotted taking photoshoots after she was contacted by some celebrities.
According to her, she said she has written hundreds of songs in her diary and “would love to come with an EP. Hopefully, we will be seeing the beautiful girl doing great in the music industry in no distance time.

#3. Amputee Hawker, Mary Daniels

Mary Daniels is one of the Nigerian ladies who went viral on various social media platforms. According to her, she was duped by her ex-lover and was left to fend for herself.
Her life story changed after the Lagos State Government and other well-meaning Nigerians supported her financially. Today she is reported to own a house and a pure water factory..


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