Kenyan Pastor: I have over 70 children in different towns…

Kenyan Pastor

Kenyan pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, has revealed that he has sired a lot of kids out of wedlock.

Speaking to his congregants during a church service, the flamboyant preacher said he has over 70 children in different towns.

In an area called Ukambani he has 30 children.

His other children are in Mombasa, Nyandarua and Murang’a.

Ng’ang’a said that one of his ex-lovers left with a seven-month pregnancy and never came back.

“I tried everything and when I say I have over 70 children, I mean it. I have 30 in Ukambani, twenty something in Mombasa, Nyandarua and Murang’a.

“One left with a seven-month pregnancy, took her clothes and she never came back.

“I had to call myself into a meeting,” he revealed.

Pastor Ng’ang’a also revealed that when he married his second wife Loise Murugi, their marriage faced a lot of problems.

His wife has reportedly run away from home more than 16 times.

Ng’ang’a had to lock himself in a prayer room to salvage his marriage.

“My wife has run away more than 16 times.

“I had to call myself into a meeting.

“I decided to take one of her clothes and her photo and took it in a prayer room and asked God to bring her back.

The controversial Kenyan Pastor has been a frequent visitor in Kenyan courtrooms for varying social misconducts.

Some of his victims describe him as a religious gangster, criminal and a con man.

In November 2018, Abraham Mutai gave a description of the pastor which many Kenyans agree, aptly describes him.

According to Mutai, “Pastor Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a is a seasoned religion gangster, criminal and conman who killed a woman on a road accident and denied it. He also conned a city businessman Wickson Njoroge of Ksh3million, Here Nganga is preying on the poor and vulnerable on stage managed miracles and poorly performed stage drama. Humans are really gullible to fall for these tricks. This is what desperation can produce.


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