Cleansing Ceremony Goes Wrong, Madzimai Burns Client…


A Chitungwiza woman, aged 20 years old, reportedly sustained serious head burns during a cleansing ceremony that had gone wrong.

The woman was being cleansed of evil spirits that had been reportedly tormenting her.

The victim, Millicent Moffat had her face and hair burnt at a shrine in St Mary’s.
Tawonei Chaziva, 47, who is popularly known as Madzimai of Johanne Masowe eChishanu was conducting the ceremony.

Madzimai told a local publication that she lit her prepared mixer of paraffin, cooking oil and a black cloth for cleansing leading to the mishap.

After the incident she left Millicent in the house and went to a private clinic where she bought medication.

“I used a small amount of paraffin and that is what caused the fire and the cloth covering her head caught fire which rapidly spread. “I was cleansing her for evil spirits causing misfortunes in her life.

The victim had intentions to go to South Africa for greener pastures and had to seek spiritual intervention/cleansing before her journey.

Madzimai admitted that she had been concealing information surrounding the incident fearing arrest and gossip mongers.

“Millicent has been helping my daughter with extra lessons during lockdown. She has been lodging at one of our neighbours’ houses but for the past two months she is under my roof,” said Madzimai.

Madzimai, who is also a vendor, had misrepresented to health workers that Millicent got burnt while cooking.

Millicent said her condition was now better and she is recovering very well.
However, she said she does not blame Madzimai for the mishap saying it is the work of evil spirits.

“I was affected much that my face got swollen; to me it was like something more than burning,” said Millicent.

“My face changed and I took some photographs and kept them for remembrance.

“The wounds are too painful but I am recovering well.

“One of my relatives sent money for medication and I do not blame Madzimai for this.

“It was like a spiritual attack and I thank God to be alive,” said Millicent.

Millicent, the only child in her family, has been staying with her step-mother following death of her mother.


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