Home Local News List of new techniques scammers use to transfer money from accounts without an ATM card…

List of new techniques scammers use to transfer money from accounts without an ATM card…

List of new techniques scammers use to transfer money from accounts without an ATM card…

Online scammers have upgraded their skills in swindling people of their hard-earned money as non-physical transactions grow every day.

Many people these days would prefer to make payment for goods and services online with ATMs using card pins especially with the coronavirus pandemic.

Even small business owners encourage customers to make use of online payment rather than collect cash at the store.

These days, the trick is using the web to deceive individuals and dupe them of their cash without using an ATM card.

These are some of the new techniques:

1. Internet fraudsters create various sites where products are publicised at modest rates to lure victims. As soon as individuals input their card details, the scammers will use the information to steal all the cash in the victim’s account.

2. Receiving text messages claiming that you have just won some amazing gifts from mobile phones, cars, home appliances and other wonderful gift items. You would be asked to guarantee the win by transferring your individual bank details for delivery.

3. Another trick that is currently being used by scammers is to send text messages to any of your close contacts asking for money by pretending to be you.

4. Investment and pension scams, which might offer shares, or the chance to convert your pension into cash.

Steps to recover your money after being scammed

These are some of the ways by which you can follow to get your money back:

1. Send a mail to your bank’s E-fraud team as well as the scammer’s bank.

All banks now have an e-fraud team who responds swiftly to any distress emails or calls. You can get your bank’s e-fraud email address or number by visiting the official website of your bank.

Doing this makes it easier for banks to be aware of what is happening and they will direct you on steps or things to do to recover your money. They can further help you place the scammer’s account on a ban for less than 24 hours after evidence has been sent to them, before getting an expert order from the court.

2. Report this incident to any police station of your choice

Let your lawyer file an expert for a court order. Without a court order, the bank will not release the data of whoever scammed you. But with a court order, they don’t have an option rather than to comply. Some of the information that the bank will be mandated to release include: Photo of the account owner, address of the account owner, phone number and guarantor.

With these pieces of information, the police can trace the scammer and get him arrested.

The Police or EFCC can track the scammer by getting his exact location thereby making it easier for the fraudster to be arrested. This will be done through the scammer’s contact details.


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