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What To Do If You Get This WhatsApp Text, Someone Is Trying To HACK You…

What To Do If You Get This WhatsApp Text, Someone Is Trying To HACK You…

WHATSAPP users need to beware of a dangerous scam text that hacks you in seconds.

Thankfully, it’s easy to spot, but is tremendously easy to fall for.

One of the most clever methods of gaining access to someone’s WhatsApp account is through a verification code scam.

Usually what happens is that you’ll receive a text message from WhatsApp with a login code.

This is a two-factor authentication code that lets you log into your account, because it proves you’re in possession of the phone number.

Then you’ll get a WhatsApp message from a friend or family member.

This will say something along the lines of: “Hey! I accidentally sent you my WhatsApp log-in code. Could you send it back to me please?”

Never ever reply to this message.

What has happened is a stranger has hacked the account of one of your contacts.

They’ve tried to log in as you and now need your two-factor code.
So if you send it to them, they’ll be able to log in as you and boot you out of your own account.

They can then wreak havoc on your WhatsApp, and even use the same scam to hack more of your friends and family.

It’s such a clever scam because it relies on the fact that you’re being asked for a favour by a friend or family member.

And it’s not always immediately obvious how you could be putting yourself at risk by sending the code over. After all, you didn’t even request the code.

That’s why this nefarious scam is so effective and one of the more common WhatsApp cons.

Don’t Fall For It

If you ever receive a message asking for your WhatsApp verification code, just ignore it completely.
It might also be worth flagging to the friend who’s been hacked that they’ve been compromised, using a different app than WhatsApp.

Once you’re compromised, make sure you immediately try to log in and kick the other person out.

If you can remove the hacker, they’ll need a new code to get back in.


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