Pete Edochie offers advice to wives living with cheating husbands (Video)…

Pete Edochie has advised women with cheating husbands to put contraceptives in their husbands’ luggage before he leaves the house.
When a cheating husband sees the condom his wife has put in his pocket, Edochie believes he will rethink his act.

In a recent interview, the actor said that, unlike white women, it is not in the character of Nigerians to divorce and remarry twice.

He told this to married women.

“A lot of you run out of your husband’s houses …what is the excuse? He was cheating on me!  Solomon had 1000 wives and 700 concubines. If your husband is cheating on you and he now decides to take many more wives, what are you going to do? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
If you think your husband leaves the house and says he is going on a tour and he is going to have an affair outside, put a packet of condom in his bag. When he sees it, psychologically, he is going to think this woman has my interest at heart. If it is his intention to stray, he’ll pull himself together.
But you women are not even creative. You want to be like white women who keep on divorcing and remarrying. It doesn’t suit us. It doesn’t go down well with us. No!”he said

Edochie also spoke about how his 15-year-old mother married his 40-year-old father many years ago. He said that his mother didn’t care about his dad.

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“My mother was not educated. She was not in love with my father. My father was almost 40 when his uncle told him it was time he got married. He told them to get a wife for him.
My uncle went out to a neighboring village and told them the teacher wanted to get married. The women came out. He looked around and picked one and that was it.
He brought this 15-year-old who didn’t have the courage to look at my father. She gave him ten children and was still shy. Seven boys and three girls”, Edochie concluded.

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