Home Security News Kagara Abduction: Bandits Threaten ‘Niger Will Not Know Peace Until…’…

Kagara Abduction: Bandits Threaten ‘Niger Will Not Know Peace Until…’…

Kagara Abduction: Bandits Threaten ‘Niger Will Not Know Peace Until…’…

Bandits who threw Niger State in fear after abducting 27 students and 15 workers of Government Science College, Kagara, has said the state will not know peace.

A leader of the bandits while negotiating with a representative of the affected school vowed that the state would not know peace until it disbands vigilantes.

The abductor described efforts of the security men as a waste of time, nothing that they are well informed of every of their moves.

He said: “Your deploying security officials in Kagara is a waste of time. Is there a fence in this forest? You know we are not in the cities, we are in the forest”.

“In all of your (Niger State) madness, you are not up to Zamfara. It was compelled to accept our terms and talk less of small fries like you. You see, if you want to seek peace, seek peace and if you don’t stop the activities of vigilantes in Niger you will not know peace forever.”

The abductor boasted that they have an informant in Kagara.
He said: “You think I don’t know what you people are doing? I can tell you how many security vehicles are in Kagara as we speak.

“It is with the help of the people of the city that intruders can overrun the city. Don’t you know that? The person who gave us this business is there among you. He is there with you. Wherever you go, he is watching you. If you want to do this deal, go ahead. From God we come and to him we will return

“Even if you put together the entire security forces of Nigeria in Kagara, I have eyes all over Kagara. Whichever step you take in Nigeria, I swear, I will know. You people are saying they should not pay us, that if they pay us, we will use to money to buy weapons. With whose money did we buy our weapons? If we don’t have weapons, you will just send security agents to kill us and take the children.”

He also berated governors who said they should not be paid ransom.
“Governors are saying we should not be given money because we are going to use it to buy guns; guns that Allah provides and you are boasting about,” he said.

The abductor warned that there won’t be peace in Niger until the state disbands vigilantes.

Meanwhile, prominent Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi had told newsmen earlier that efforts were being intensified to identify the group holding the victims.

According to him, there is an audio recording of a conversation between the abductors and a top official of the school.
“There is a crisis really. The abductor is saying he cannot feed the victims and he’s demanding money. He’s saying the money (they are offering) is too small for him,” Gumi said.

Asked on what happened to the negotiation between the bandits and the government, the cleric said, “There was never any negotiation. The bandits we met said they knew the group that took the bus (which carried the victims), but they did not know the ones who took the children. They said they would investigate and call us.”

However, Newsonspot.com.ng reports that efforts to get the state government’s reaction to the audio recording on the negotiation did not succeed as the Commissioner for Information, Sani Idris, did not pick calls to his telephone nor responded to an SMS sent to him.


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