Amazing! Nigerian Man Creates A ‘Moving’ Crocodile Out Of Plastic Wastes…

When it comes to creativity, some individuals are just too intelligent. Well, we are once again been marvelled by a Nigerian man’s creative idea of a moving crocodile on social media.

The man according to the picture, converted plastic waste materials into the sculpture of a crocodile. He said he did this to educate Nigerians and the world at large that what is usually regarded as waste can be resourceful if used appropriately.

Taking to Twitter, @aozforum shared photos of his artwork of a ‘moving’ crocodile he created from plastic waste. He posted three frames that highlighted how he made the amazing piece from start to finish.
@aozforum captioned it:

“Waste is not waste rather a resources!”


His message was passed and massive reactions follow such a rare form of talent exhibition. The tweet which had got over 9k likes left social media users awestruck.

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